March 2015
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RICH BULEY: Washing your hands? Outrageous!

When politicians campaign for election, one of their favorite refrains is that there is too much government regulation which is strangling business. They are generally, though, very vague about which specific regulations are the strangling kind. We now have a specific target. Requiring food service workers to wash their hands after using the toilet is […]

RICH BULEY: Irrational Montana Republicans

The utter irrationality of Montana’s Republicans was put on display in this morning’s Missoulian. First is an article describing how Republican legislators who have refused to sign a pledge to refuse free federal Medicaid money are being threatened by Americans for Prosperity – Montana.. As the article points out, the AFP group is financed and […]

RICH BULEY: Don’t we deserve safe drinking water?

Our two senators don’t believe that we Montanans don’t safe drinking water. Both Senator Daines and Senator Tester voted to defeat a bill designed to require fracking companies to disclose what chemicals they are injecting into our drinking water and to force the companies to abide by the Safe Drinking Water Act.

You see, back […]

RICH BULEY: Fox News and the facts

Have you ever watched Fox News and thought to yourself, “Half of what they say is false?” Well, its more than half, its 60%! No wonder conservatives have such unfamiliarity with facts.

RICH BULEY: Some learn from history, others don’t

I haven’t seen any statements from Montana’s Congressional members regarding the Keystone XL pipeline since the oil pipeline break in the Yellowstone river of last week. One disturbing issue that has been illuminated since the spill is the inability of the responsible oil company to clean up the spill because of ice in the river. […]

RICH BULEY: Senator Joni Ernst didn’t pull herself up by her bootstraps

I don’t know how many people sat through the entire State of the Union address or continued to watch the Republican response by Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), but I doubt it was very many. For those who didn’t see Senator Ernst, she detailed her family history of being raised on an Iowa farm, working hard […]

RICH BULEY: State of the Union address

In last night’s State of the Union address, President Obama proposed raising the capital gains tax on persons making over $500,000 per year as well as rising taxes on huge Wall Street financial firms. The increased revenues would be used to help struggling and middle class families to keep a little bit more of their […]

RICH BULEY: Who are the Republicans really working for?

Hey, do you remember how we’ve been told over and over that the Keystone Pipeline is all about American energy independence and a big jobs bill? You didn’t actually believe that did you?

Well, if you did……… “Psych!” Democrats in the Senate offered two amendments to the legislation forcing the building of the Keystone. One […]

RICH BULEY: Why would you vote Republican?

Over the weekend, President Obama outlined a plan to overhaul the tax code. His plan would close a number of loopholes which benefit the wealthy to finance a tax break for the middle class. Of course, this in turn would aid the growth of the economy because the middle class would have more to spend […]

RICH BULEY: Guess who’s paying to clean up our rivers?

Hey, all you Keystone Pipeline fans out there, have you herd about the brand new oil pipeline spill? It was 50,000 gallons of oil into the Yellowstone River so no need to worry. Meanwhile, Exxon still hasn’t paid for the damages caused by its pipeline spill in the Yellowstone River in 2011.

The Keystone XL […]