March 2015
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RICH BULEY: Irrational Montana Republicans

The utter irrationality of Montana’s Republicans was put on display in this morning’s Missoulian. First is an article describing how Republican legislators who have refused to sign a pledge to refuse free federal Medicaid money are being threatened by Americans for Prosperity – Montana.. As the article points out, the AFP group is financed and […]

RICH BULEY: Who are the Republicans really working for?

Hey, do you remember how we’ve been told over and over that the Keystone Pipeline is all about American energy independence and a big jobs bill? You didn’t actually believe that did you?

Well, if you did……… “Psych!” Democrats in the Senate offered two amendments to the legislation forcing the building of the Keystone. One […]

RICH BULEY: What Republicans represent

Just in case there is anyone who is still unsure about who the Republicans in Congress represent, I’ll clue you in. It isn’t you. About the first thing the Republican Congress thought to do in the new session was to help out the poor, down on their luck, Wall Street banks. You didn’t think all […]

RICH BULEY: It’s the American way

Montana’s Republicans in the Legislature keep supporting failed ideas. At the top of the list is the idea to spend tax money on charter schools. Republicans like to frame the issue as being one of “school choice”. Leaving aside the obvious hypocrisy of promoting “choice” for schools, yet opposing the same for women, the scheme […]

RICH BULEY: Are conservatives ever right?

Now that Republicans control both the Senate and House on the national and state level, it is a good time to ask the question; Are conservatives ever right about anything? The answer, of course, is NO.

RICH BULEY: Why the Republicans won

After a couple of days to read and reflect upon the elections, I’ve come to some conclusions about why the Republicans did so well. The primary reason was extremely low voter turnout nationwide. In the last two presidential elections approximately 130,000,000 Americans voted. This year, only 83 million voters bothered to show up. That is […]

RICH BULEY: Do your candidates represent you?

I wrote earlier about LR 126 which is a Republican attempt to limit voting. This is part of a nationwide effort by Republicans to suppress voting. Paul Krugman of the New York Times has an excellent piece entitled “Plutocrats against Democracy”. I encourage everyone to take the time to read and consider the article, especially […]

RICH BULEY: What the GOP is really all about

What a great day it is to celebrate the magic of the free market and the liberation of deregulation! The Public Service Commission voted to allow Northwest energy to buy the power generating dams in Montana from PPL. This will make the second time Montana’s rate payers get to purchase the exact same assets resulting […]

RICH BULEY: A little racial tension in Missouri?

Sometimes politicians slip up and allow their real selves to be exposed. Take for example, the city councilman from Poplar Bluffs, MO., who apologized for putting racist photos on his Facebook page. Of course, he said he didn’t mean to offend anybody, explaining, “At one time I was a very active Republican, very opposed to […]

RICH BULEY: Why is Montana a red state?

I have written before about how the entire Republican theory of trickle down economics has been a fraud. More evidence continues to prove that fact. A study from Stanford has shown that since 1984 (end of Reagan’s first term), the median wealth in the United states has declined by 20%. Meanwhile, the wealth of the […]